Christmas Cupcakes – Decorated Christmas Art That You Can Eat

Snow couple cupcakes

Our family loves traditions! There are many things that we love to do every year, simply because we’ve always enjoyed doing them together. And yet, there are those few things that bring us enjoyment just because we like the surprise of not knowing what to expect… like our Christmas goodies!

Some years we will make sheets & sheets of different kinds of cookies (truth be told… my husband loves to do alot of this!), and some years we will simply make a special dessert.

I thought I would share a “sweet” idea that you may not have thought of for your Christmas gatherings… cupcakes!

This year, at my son’s graduation party, we decided it would be easier to have individual cupcakes – instead of one big cake that had to be cut & served. We were amazed at how well the cupcakes were received! As a matter of fact, by the time everything was said & done, there wasen’t one left!

Then, this fall we went to a friend’s wedding, where the mother of the bride made a beautiful multi-tiered cupcake tower. Not only did the cupcakes taste wonderful, but they were still being talked about weeks after the reception!

I must say… cupcakes are not your everyday – run of the mill little pieces of cake these days 😉 Instead, they are being looked at as very chic little pieces of art… that are also delicious to eat!

I wanted to spark your creative thinking, and thought these beautiful little cupcakes would give you some great ideas to start with.

Please click on each individual cupcake to learn more about it & it’s baker! Now these are my kind of artists 😉

Check out these next 5 beautiful cupcakes from Bakerella
The fist picture is also from her collection.


blue and white christmas cupcakes

santa cupcake

gift cupcake

small cup cake

The simple design and pale colors make these very chic!

angel cupcake

I love these Christmas tree cupcakes. The baker made the tops by baking the mix in waffle cones.

christmas tree cupcakes

You can make beautiful “jackets” for your cupcakes using pretty paper, or paper lace.


snowman cupcakes

And finally… who says Christmas art should only be shared on gingerbread? 🙂

art cupcake

  • Here are some wonderful cupcake recipes from Martha’s website.
  • If you want to know more about how to actually make cupcakes, here is a great how-to website.

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    13 thoughts on “Christmas Cupcakes – Decorated Christmas Art That You Can Eat”

    1. These cupcakes are amazing!! They look TOO good to eat!! Thanks for sharing the creative ideas! I may try one of these for our family Christmas get together next week.

      Kristy @ Homemakers Cottage

    2. These are so pretty. I am noticing more so in the news and even when I was in New York City last week that cup cake shops are really popular. The one place near Broadway last week was charging $8 or more a cup cake. It makes me want to be more creative.

    3. Hey Pearl!

      I love love LOVE your cupcakes! What cute designs! I love the Santa going into the chimney design! So cute! I just posted on my blog about cupcakes check out the designs I found…so cute too!

      Happy Holidays!
      Amy Bird Tweets
      ( )
      ^ ^

    4. These looks so good, cute and decorative! My hubby likes to cook more, so I am lucky he does most of the cooking, he has started the tradition of baking Christmas cookies with the kids. Altho, I think he needs to bake some cupcakes, esp. the first ones with the cream cheese buttercream frosting {my fav!} 🙂


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