Creative Eye Candy to Inspire You From Michal Negrin

Today I’ve decided to pass along some luscious bits of eye candy to spark some fresh ideas for creating newly decorated spaces your home.

Sorry guys, but I’m afraid that this post is going to be mostly pulling the heart strings of the gals 😉

Sarah, a friend of mine, recently sent me a link to a store that she had found while on vacation with her family. She let me know ahead of time, that the prices cater to the high end customer… and she was VERY right in her perception 😉 But… being the creative souls that we are, I know that all we have to do is, take a peek into the home of Michal Negrin to gain a fresh excitement for pulling our bits & bobs together in beautifully creative ways!

The store is called Michal Negrin

Please do yourself a favor & at least window shop around the store, because you’ll come away with such a warm feeling of femininity & romance 😉 It’s no wonder as Michal takes great joy in helping women feel & reflect romance, femininity, love and style, which is something we can all appreciate!

I suggest watching the video a couple of times! Then, as you look around the inside of this home, look at the rooms as a whole, as well as the individual pieces that pull the look together.

Then you will be able to look through your stash of items that you use to decorate with, and pull together a look uniquely yours! You will also know what types of things to keep your eyes open for at the yard sales, junk sales, thrift shops, and other places of inexpensive finds that you frequent.

Let me know what kinds of ideas that you came up with in the comment section below!


Check out her fashions – an absolute FEAST for the eyes!

Here’s a little animated video showing how we can turn our world (our home) into what we would like for it be!

Build Your Own Vintage Style Storage Cubby

My husband likes to take me on little dates. Sometimes we’ll go for a ride around the countryside, or maybe we’ll share a meal together. Many times, he’ll choose the Cracker Barrel for breakfast, both because we love the food, and because he knows how much I love to peek around in the gift shop. He’s such a sweetie 😉 I can honestly say, that each time I walk into the gift shop, my eyes are immediately drawn to the tables, cubbies, and other display pieces!

I don’t know how many times I have walked into an antique shop or home decorating store, and fell more in love with the display pieces than the items that are actually for sale!

While the sweet little sales lady at the Cracker Barrel shares the discounts of the day with me, I simply smile while thinking… but I want the display unit! I remember actually asking one little lady about a particular display unit, only to have her say… honey, that would probably cost you an arm and your leg! And she was right (mostly anyway 😉

I recently came across some really cute display pieces in a well known catalog, and as my little sales lady predicted, the prices were meant for the wives of Kings (not that I don’t think of my sweetie as a King mind you 😉

I don’t know what it is about me… maybe it’s the creative thought process that my mind goes through… or maybe it’s just the “I know we could make that” syndrome… but whatever the reason, my brain kicked in gear!

I wanted to find a nice storage unit that could be used for multiple purposes such as the – kitchen, entry, hallway, or garden house. My hunt was a great success, because today I found this great project for a “chicken coop style” storage unit over at Sunset’s Fresh Dirt Blog.

If you’re style of decorating is…

– Country Farmhouse
– Cozy Cottage
– English Cottage
– Shabby Chic
– Primitive

Well, I should have just said ANY style, you will love this project!

Download The Project

Here’s another version from Lowe’s

As you can see from the picture above, Nina decided to leave the plain wood finish on her cubby, but I can see mine being painted with a nice thick coat of “chippy style” crackled paint!

There are so many color combinations to choose from! How about… cream & black, mustard & red, taupe & light blue… see what happens when I start thinking!

And you won’t believe how much stuff this type of unit can hold! I have a friend who keeps her’s right inside the front door. Then, when the daycare children come in, they put their shoes, hat, gloves, lunches, school papers, etc., in their own cubby!

Think about all of the different things you could fill your new cubby with…

– crafts
– videos & CDs
– books & magazines
– Plants, pots, and garden tools
– a pantry
– all of your quilts & other linens
– dishes & kitchen display
– scrapbooking supplies

I know you will enjoy this special piece!

* Share your special storage pictures with us in the comment section!


Turn Everyday Ordinary Boxes Into Beautiful Home Decor

I think there is a quiet joy in finding an object that was once used as a workhorse in society, then allowing it rest in it’s later years as an object of beauty. It’s kind of like… turning it out to pasture for everyone to look at & admire.

Boxes are one such object that immediately comes to mind.

Once thought of as simple ordinary storage containers for feed or tools, they have now become objects of great decorating affection!

In doing a bit of research, you will uncover ordinary nondescript boxes that were used for everyday items, all the way to very special boxes made to hold particular items such as; bibles, jewelry, cigars, chocolates, hats, cheese, wine, shoes, and matches.

I thought we’d take a look at some of the creative ways that different people have given ordinary boxes new life in their homes, but first I’d like to share a few ideas with you for your own boxes.

When you’re out at the summer sales, keep your eyes open for boxes. Don’t worry about what they look like right now, because I’m going to give you some ideas to turn yucky boxes into yummy ones 😉

Here are a few ideas:

– You could leave the box as is – just clean it up a little. Sometimes the vintage look is best untouched!

– Perhaps a little color would be nice? You could give the box a coat of paint, a light brushing for a shabby look, or a nice crackled “cottagy” finish.

– Maybe you’d rather pull some bits together in a collage? You can use anything that comes to mind with this technique! Here are some things that come to mind right away… wallpaper bits, hand crafted paper, newsprint, old love letters, pages from a vintage book, wrapping paper, pretty tissue paper or napkins, fabric, pictures, ephemera, scrapbook paper, or sheet music.

** If you would like to use music in your design, you are going to love me for sharing this resource! Here you’ll find several music books from the very early 1600s that you can print off for free! I think they would be marvelous printed on some vintage looking paper!
This one is called “Pammelia” and it is from 1609
Here is one called “Deuteromelia” from 1609
The last one is from 1611 & it’s called “Melismata”

At this site you will find thousands of free vintage pictures to use!
Free Vintage Clip Art

Lets peek at the ideas of some other friends to see what they have come up with.

Kris has turned these ordinary cigar boxes into beautiful places to display even a most prized possession!

blue and pink box covered with vintage paper

vintage box top

beautiful paper covered cigar box

top of cigar box

Look what Jean has done with these stacking boxes!

I love the primitive look, so these boxes are “way” beautiful to me 😉 I love how she has made them look like they’ve come right out of an episode of “Little House on the Prairie”!

vintage hat boxes

brown primitive hat box

stackable boxes - vintage colors

Look at how Pam has used all different kinds of boxes as storage and as beautiful decor for her open studio shelves.

decorated boxes

Here, she took a pile of old wine boxes and turned them into beautiful boxes to use on display!

wine boxes

covered wine boxes

Here’ a wonderful little tool box, that now has new life dancing with flowers!
You’ll love poppin’s blog as well!

vintage tool box with flowers

Here’s a beautiful box that Natasha’s father made for her out of old pieces of wood covered in green chippy paint. She uses it to hold her favorite magazines.

vintage box with chippy paint

One of my favorite things to see in the world of boxes is… the re-purposing of vintage sewing machine drawers. I think about how the sewing machine probably worked so hard for it’s owner over the years, only to be thrown out or replaced by a newer version, when they didn’t have use for it anymore. How appropriate that we at least take the drawers and put them to work in new ways… now to girl finally feels useful again 😉 Silly… I know… but it sounds like a wonderful children’s book 😉

Here Joy puts a beautiful drawer (library drawer) to work as kitchen storage… beautiful storage I might add:)

vintage sewing machine drawer

Kris has made her sewing drawer into a place to display her pink baby shoes!

shabby chic pink box

pink baby shoes

This drawer is used to display china
vintage china

What a wonderful display idea from Cedar Junction! Isn’t this the cutest!
vintage bunny display

I love this wooden box that has been re-purposed as a perfect place to put the garden tools after a long day’s work.
vintage tool box

Don’t you love Abbie’s sweet cigar box turned collage supply center!
vintage cigar box

Moss is one of my favorite “bones” of the garden (along with trees, rocks, and ferns)… so this is a perfect project for me! I love how Sarah captured the beauty of something otherwise so very ordinary, but here in this vintage box… it’s a sight to behold!


** Be sure to tell me about your boxes in the comments below!

Creatively Yours,

Creative Spaces – Nurturing Our Need to Create Pt 1

vintage printer box
Picture by Leesiebella – info below

When we were each created, I believe that God deposited a measure of creativity deep within us… which is now just waiting to be released to the world around us. You may have already experienced the joy that comes with sharing your creativity with others, or perhaps you’re still waiting to find out what your gift is. In any case… of one thing I am sure… I know it’s in there!

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as many different expressions.

Maybe your gift will be shared through music, or song. Or perhaps you have been gifted with words, and can share poetry, notes of encouragement, or letters of love to lift the spirit of those you come in contact with. The most important thing is not what type of creativity you have been gifted with, but that you share your gifts & talents to help brighten the days of those around you!

Many people wait to create, because they don’t feel like they have the “right” kind of creative space in their home. There’s never really a “perfect” place to create. What you might consider your dream creative space, might not ever measure up to someone else’s expectations. So… we each have to determine what helps bring out the creativity inside of us, and try to surround ourselves with those things.

In my case… my creativity is usually best revealed through words & ideas. And, if truth be told, just a peek into quaint little homes, cottage gardens, and far away places, can put my thoughts in order, and my mind in the mood to write. How is this done? Through the little bits of captured time & place that we call… pictures.

It is for this reason, that I wanted to share a few of the special little creative nooks & crannies of my friends with you. My hope is, that these pictures might ignite the desire to finally prepare a special place in your home, that is set aside for creativity.

As you will see, it doesn’t matter how big your space is… or what you have to fill it up with. It only matters that you finally give yourself a little place to nurture the creativity inside of you!

** Most of the pictures below are best viewed in the larger size. To see the picture bigger, simply click on a picture, and click “all sizes” at the top of the picture itself. Then, choose the largest size… so you can view all of the sumptuous details!


dream banner

My friend Madai loves to create beautiful little treasures to fill a home with joy! She recently made me a beautiful banner made of individual letters that make up the word “Dream”… I love the way the glitter sparkles in the sunlight! When she gave me the choice of what word I would like, “Dream” was definitely the word that I wanted to hang above my creative space!

You can visit her blog here.

I love how she organizes her space using everyday objects! Madai has such a way of turning everyday object into beautiful displays.

You can see how Madai uses similar colors in her space, so that it remains something beautiful for her to look at while she creates.

decor in the home office

Notice the little muffin tin & glass baking dish, that are now put to work cooking up little treasures. I’m sure you have things like these stashed away in a kitchen cupboard 😉

I love how she uses this branch to display pictures, banners, and other pretty things! This idea wouldn’t cost you anything!

decorate a tree in your office

Andrea Singarella

You’re going to love the way that Andrea organizes her creative space! I’m sure you’re going to want more from Andrea once you see her work, so stop by her little shop, and her blog to visit!

There are so many pretty things to look at, and ideas for your space… so be sure to study each picture to pull out ideas that you can apply to your space.

I just LOVE this little wire basket with its pink chippy paint! What a nice way to organize her ribbons.
vintage bike basket


Beth creates beautiful jewelry & art. Please take a moment to visit her blog – Beth Quinn Designs. I just love to see how people take every day ordinary things & turn them into something wonderful! Beth’s space is an inspiration!

Look how she uses a glass cake plate to display flowers that have yet to find their way into one of her creations.


I love the soothing color on the walls!

What a wonderful use for a vintage suitcase!

Similar to Madai’s inspiration board or decorative tree, wire forms can be a great place for displays.


Look at how Beth has taken everyday wooden clothespins (that you can pick up at your local discount store for a few dollars a pack), and turned them into little ladies clothed with silk ribbon… standing proud in this glass jar.


Tiffany has such a way of making everything look beautiful, and turning everyday ordinary things into objects of value. She doesn’t stop at just the objects that she creates, but the way she pulls together her space, is inspiration for us all.

You’re going to love Tiffany’s website – Beyond the Vintage Path! Also – stop by her blog & share some comments!

What’s not to love about her use of this vintage standing printer’s box, that is now used as her place to organized all of her needfuls!

This ordinary cork board now becomes extraordinary in the hands of Tiffany. I think I could walk by this same space, and see something new each time 😉

Another printer box gone chic! I LOVE this picture… and it has been a fav of mine since I first saw it!


Lori has a love for everything vintage, and she has such a wonderful way of taking little bits & bobs & bringing them together in a beautiful gathering… so that even her craft closet is a sight to behold!

You can see more of her ideas on her blog – Vintage Flair

I love how Lori has used a vintage clothes hamper to store & display rolls of vintage wallpaper.

It’s always good to have lots of shelf space. After all, you can fit so much into a tiny space! If you don’t have any shelves, don’t despair! Go to, or better yet… your local “freecycle” list & request one. Price? FREE!

Then, you simply give your new shelves a nice coat of paint to match your room, and away you go!

Vintage books are always a welcomed source of inspiration. I have found some wonderful vintage books at my local library books sales for pennies! One such find included a set of french poetry books with a nice deep red binding… oh how I love red!

Wire racks sold for other purposes such as storing vegetables, can now be considered for organizing items in your creative space. They have some nice wire hanging baskets in the discount stores that are meant for veggies or growing plants, that could be used in a beautiful display!



You’re going to love Sugar Sugar – Leesiebella’s blog! There are just so many pretty things to look at! Here’s a sneak peak at her talent!

Oh how I love this beautiful place to display items that would otherwise be considered a “work” space! Do you see how all of our friends have made their “work” a beautiful space… and a place where they WANT to be?


A rod that would otherwise be used as a place for curtains, paper towels, a quilt, or hand towels, has now become a wonderful ribbon dispenser.

I love the idea of using ordinary hang tags as a way to organize your ribbons & lace.

Leesiebella has taken the ordinary clothes pin a leap ahead by giving them each a coat of yummy color.

Who says you can’t paint your vintage muffin tins to match your decor 😉


Some people love to go into stores filled with expensive large items, but I am happy as can be, while surrounded with tiny beautiful bits & bobs that fuel inspiration for my home. If you feel the same way as I do, take a minute to visit Heather’s store Pretty Petals – or visit her blog for even more inspiration!



Just look at all of this pretty eye candy!

Here’s a close up picture of how Heather organizes her vintage hats & milinary supplies

I hope you’ve enjoyed these wonderful places that our friends create! Be on the look out for part 2 in a few days, as there was simply not enough room for all of the juicy goodness that has been pulled together!

Now… go find yourself a small place in your home to turn into something wonderful in which you can release your creativity!

Creatively Yours 🙂

Creations Under Glass – Part 2


First of all… I want to thank all of you who participated in the “Creations Under Glass” segment! What wonderful displays for our eyes to behold! However, there were several friends that I had asked to participate, that for one reason or another, where not able to do so at the time.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of their finished creations, so I decided to have a “part 2” to the segment. How could I resist with such sumptuous pretties to enjoy!

In case you missed it, here is part one of this segment:
Creations Under Glass – Creative Displays to Fuel The Imagination


Just look at the beautiful creations that Carol has put together for us to enjoy… all the way from Germany!

And… if you love her work here, you’re going to love her blog BoxwoodCottage, where she shares all kinds of ideas about crafting, gardening, and decorating!

Be sure to click on the pictures & leave some “luv” in her Flickr comments!

creations under glass - doll head

lady under glass


egg and nest

Easter display





Hop Hop Jingle Boo will keep your creative thinking at it’s peek! Debra is an amazing folk artist, and I know you will love peeking at her creations as much as I do! And… don’t forget to stop by her blog as well… lots to see there!

bunny under glass



You can visit Andrea at One Hundred Wishes – and find lots of beautiful tidbits to beautify your space! You will also enjoy her blog which she calls Velvet Strawberries – where you can get to know Andrea better!




You’ll love her Etsy shop with all of her pretty little things!



Have a great time visiting Jo’s blog Old Flowers For Me, and her Flickr pictures as well!

I love how Jo uses a piece of an old wedding veil along with the little paper flowers, a bird’s nest, and some other odds & ends to make this beautiful display!



Visit Cammy at Freckled Farm! You’ll find lots to take in & be inspired by!


** My next big segment will be Creative Spaces – Where Creativity Rules, in which we will share the special spaces that allow your creativity to shine! We want to highlight the ways you organize, how you decorate your creative space, beautiful shelves, etc.

Please feel free to send in your pictures, flickr links, and blog address if you would like to participate.

If you would like to be a part – please feel free to contact me!

Writing to you from my little cottage tucked deep in the woods, beyond the stone wall, and just before the bend in the river.

Creations Under Glass – Creative Displays to Fuel The Imagination

birds under glass
by Madai from Wren Cottage |details below

Once upon a time…

There was a little old lady who lived in a vinegar bottle…

Even though it was many years ago, and I was just beginning my days at school, I can still remember exactly how the story began.

I can still see my friends and I sitting in our favorite reading corner, all nestled on the story rug listening intently to the librarian as she read to us… the tales of other times and far away places.

I’ve always thought of this story as one of my favorite childhood tales, but as I tried to recall it recently, I realized that the rest of the story didn’t make it’s way into my memory whatsoever. However, the very first line was enough to fuel my imagination for all of these years!

I remember as if it were yesterday… as I heard the words… wondering into that little glass house with the little old lady and making myself at home.

I remember my teacher describing the little cottage as being tucked away deep in the forest, so that no one could find it without already knowing the secret path to her front door. She warmed herself with her tiny wood stove, in which burned a cozy crackling fire, sending tiny rings of smoke out of the top of the chimney. In front of the wood stove was a little rug and a comfy little chair where she would sit and read amongst the pretty pillows.

As I read the original story online today, all of those juicy little details were mysteriously absent from the text!

So now I’m left to wonder…

Did my teacher actually describe the little glass cottage in the woods… or did my mind begin to wander after hearing the very first sentence and creatively fill in the blanks…

How it really happened I can’t honestly be sure, but what I am sure of is my long time love of tiny little things – especially when they are under glass.

So what I’ve done is…

I’ve asked some of my friends to share their creativity with us. I simply told them… “use your creativity to put together a display under glass.” I asked them to try to use a cloche or cake stand, but if they couldn’t find either of those… to use what they could! And… they didn’t hear my little story, so they are sharing things that fuel their creative imagination!

I know you are going to love what they’ve come up with… almost as much as I do 😉


Let me introduce you to Tiffany. She has a wonderful ability to create displays, and somehow, she can make anything look beautiful… from little snippets of paper… to left over bit & bobs from the tool drawer! Just look at what Tiffany has put together! You’ll have to look at it for a while to see all of the beautiful little bits that she’s included in her piece! I especially love the little nest, and how little Ms. Birdie has built it with so many pretty things 😉

Tiffany's creations under glass

Here are some of Tiffany’s other creations where she uses glass as a way of “collecting” beautiful objects!

display under glass

spool display

Secret treasures!
tucked in a bottle

candy under glass

Where time stands still
watch pearls

You’re going to love Tiffany’s website – Beyond the Vintage Path!
Also – stop by her blog & share some comments!


My dear Madai has some of the most beautiful creations I’ve ever seen! Her sumptuous glittery bits make me wish for one of each! You can “try” to pick up one of her creations in her Etsy shop, but you must hurry… as people seem to swarm for her things 🙂 Do stop by her wonderful blog Wren Cottage and get to see all of Madai’s creations and decor up close!

Here the Princess tried to sleep… she really did… but who could sleep with such beautiful things to gaze upon!

quilts under glass

Layers and layers of beautiful lace and quilts


There’s that pretty little pea 😉

Here Mr. Bunny is ready for tea

With such lovely little treats… who could pick just one!

It’s the Spring Baby Bird contest & Mr. sheep is the first to vote!

birds under glass


As you look through Cathy’s website, blog, and Flickr pictures… one thing becomes very clear… you know you’ve seen these beautiful things somewhere before! That’s because Cathy’s beautiful decor has been featured in many different publications. She is especially known for her wonderful little pink garden cottage. When I asked Cathy to share a creation with us, just look at what she came up with! Don’t you just love the little momma bird caring so deeply for all of those beautiful eggs!

blue bird under glass

Stop over at Cathy’s website – Treasured Heirlooms to pick up a few pretty things for your home, or her blog to share a few thoughts, you’ll be glad you did!


Debrina, from “spark your imagination“, always does just that… she takes you to beautiful places with each piece that she creates!

You can’t bottle up the music inside!
birds in a bottle


Eunice had some lovely things to share! I just love this sweet little bird… way up high caring for her nest!

And how about this “dream” banner!


What a lovely little angel… and all of that snow looks like diamonds!
angel and snow under glass

Take a stroll through her Etsy shop to see some more of her lovely things!


Jennifer once made me buy a magazine! Well… let me say… the feature of her house was what made me have to buy that issue and add it to my “keeper” collection at home 😉 It was wonderful to find her online, and see even more of her beautiful decor! You can take a peek inside of her home, and see some of her creations at her blog – Sweet Eye Candy Creations. I know that I am just one of many who love Jennifer’s style… because when I asked her to participate in this segment, she quickly made such a little sweet creation… only to have it sell within minutes!

Well… who wouldn’t want this little sweetie in their home to greet them each morning!

Easter candy egg art


Mary created the most lovely little display! I think I would like to have this in the center of my table when my friends come for tea! Mary… shall we 😉

Mary’s blog “Little Red House” is always filled with beautiful things! You & Mary must become friends… especially if you shall be greeted with such “pretties” on the table when you call for tea 🙂

tea cup under glass

tea cups


Becky has such a beautiful home! You’re going to love visiting with her over at Sweet Cottage Dreams!

She made this lovely “collage jar” a while back, and I thought it was such a lovely way to display all of your favorite little things! Look at how much you can fit in one large jar… and you could turn it around to display whichever side you were in the mood for at the moment!

null null

null null


Judy does lots of things with pretty papers and fabrics. I found her on Flickr, while looking at her pictures of beautiful far away places… and I’m so glad I did! You’ll want to be sure to look at all of her pictures, as well as visit her inspiring blog

This little fairy is out gathering flowers, while draped with her own shabby chic bunting! We love this Judy!

fairy under glass


The motto of the Birds of a Feather blog, is “dream, inspire, create”. That is exactly what Heidi causes us to do… when we look at her beautiful creation!

Just look at this sumptuous collection of lace, ribbons, and glittery things in Heidi’s creation under glass! Look how she has propped the lid of the cake stand open, and made it appear as though it is the roof of the little birdie’s home! And… I love the sweet Spring colors!
ribbons, lace, under glass

Here you can see the little princess up close!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the wonderful “creations under glass” from my very creative friends!

** My next big segment will be “Creative Spaces – Where Creativity Rules”, in which we will share the special spaces that allow your creativity to shine! We want to highlight the ways you organize, how you decorate your creative space, beautiful shelves, etc.

Please feel free to send in your pictures, flickr links, and blog address if you would like to participate.

If you would like to be a part – please feel free to contact me!

Writing to you from my little cottage tucked deep in the woods… beyond the stone wall… and just before the bend in the river. Thankfully my cottage doesn’t have glass walls 😉