Quick & Easy Sugar Cookies

This sugar cookie recipe is such an easy one, that it would make a nice project for family night. You could make up several batches – some for you, and some to share with your neighbors. How easy you say? You simply pour all ingredients into a bowl – then mix, drop, and bake!

2 eggs
2/3C oil
2t vanilla
3/4C sugar
2C flour
2t baking powder
1/2t salt

Mix ingredients in order (1 at a time) in a large bowl. Then drop onto greased cookie sheets. Dip fork into sugar & press cookies into desired shape. Bake @ 375 degrees until golden.

* For a nice change you could: add food coloring – mold into shapes – add colored sprinkles, choc. chips, cinnamon – or have kids flatten dough with hands & use cookie cutters.

Sugar cookies are one of my favorites, and this easy recipe makes it that much more fun to enjoy :)

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28 Responses to “Quick & Easy Sugar Cookies”

  • Talitha Arrand on November 19, 2006

    Thank you soooo much for this easy sugar cookie recipe!
    I had to have something fast for my Sunday School class this morning. I will pass this recipe on to my friends and other mothers.

  • frugally4u on November 21, 2006

    You’re very welcome! Hope everyone enjoyed them :)

    • Emily on July 18, 2008

      The cookies turned out fantastic my friends and i love them thank you soooo much for the recipe!!!

  • Gloria on February 9, 2007

    I run a Family Child Care in Mesa and been looking for a EASY recipe for my Children I care for and I found it! It was easy to have children mix and drop the cookies. I love the option to drop or smash and use cookie cutters! We have been looking at the Letter C.They got to make a whole sheet to take home, they ate one after frosting and sprinkling.
    Thank YOU!!

  • julia on February 13, 2007

    I don’t know what the other people did, but I made these cookies and the dough was a big mess. Even so, I went ahead and dropped the cookies on a greased cookie sheet. They did bake fast, but the cookie was very bland. There was no milk in this cookie.I don’t know if this was an error or not.I would not recomment this receipe

    • connee on October 20, 2007

      all you have to do is add enough milk until it’s a dough

  • frugally4u on February 14, 2007

    Dear Julia –

    Thank you for your email. I’m sorry that your cookies did not turn out as expected. I think that happens to all of us sometimes. I had my daughter make our family a batch of these cookies tonight – just to see how they would turn out (having her make them). I asked he to put a little extra vanilla in the mix – as that’s our family preference. She mixed the dough in our mixer, dropped the cookies on the sheet, and they cooked. They turned out very nice, and we all loved them.

    Perhaps you were trying to roll the cookies out? If that was the case, this recipe is meant to be dropped – not rolled (thus the “easy” part of the recipe).

    Perhaps you might try it again & see if this makes a difference?

    Thanks for taking the time to write in & I hope I’ve helped a bit.

    Have a great day! (lots of snow here in Upstate, NY today!)

  • jennifer on September 19, 2007

    is the t teaspoon or tablespoon

    • admin on September 20, 2007

      The “t” is for teaspoon.

      Usually if there is a capital “T” is means tablespoon – a lower case “t” means teaspoon.

      Thank you for bringing this question up. I’ll try to remember the confusion it can cause, and change the way I write future recipes!

      Have a great day!

  • Melissa on December 15, 2007

    Thank you so much! I was in a bind and needed to get another cookie baked, and I didn’t have a few hours to wait. I will surely put this at the top of my recipe pile!

  • cyndi on December 27, 2007

    I love this recipe. It was very easy and made a perfect Christmas cookie with red and green sprinkles on top. Thanks a bunch!

  • Raelynn Rostorfer on April 20, 2008

    Thanks for the easy recipe. I was looking for something that did not call for butter (as I was out ) and the 3rd of the month is a long way off and being broke this early in the month is bad. I have my grandson for the weekend and he is not able to understand that Grandma does not always have to give what he wants. I made the cookies and added some pieces of a candy bar, and he thought that it was wonderful to help me make Magic cookies. This is what he called them cause they are made from things we did not have to buy and it is magic to pull the items out of the cupboard and refrigerator when he knew there was nothing there. You are great.

  • olena on May 18, 2008

    Hi! I tried this recipe and the cookies were delicious! I had some friends over and all of them were like “What is in these cookies?”, “How did you make them?”,and one actually said that she wants me to make 143 cookies for her church! I give this recipe 10/10 stars. I love them and I will share the recipe with ALL of my friends!!!

  • Maya on July 9, 2008

    I just put my cookie batch in the oven, and i must say that they were quite easy to put together. The batter tasted really good, so I’m very excited when they’ll be done becuase I can tell they’ll be delicious.

  • lizbeth on July 31, 2008

    How long should it take for the cookies to bake?

  • Cory Taylor on October 15, 2008

    Is the Baking Powder optional? Do you have to put it in there?

  • karlie on February 8, 2009

    thanz for the recipe i need to make 135 cookies for my class. how many servings is this recipe

    P.S.THANZ A LOT ; )

  • Erika on December 1, 2009

    how exactly do you put the cookies on the sheet?

  • Hali on December 11, 2009

    Switch the vanilla for lemon extract and add some yellow food coloring. delicious. i bet they would be great with white chocolate…..

  • Isabella on December 16, 2009

    I love this recipe! I used ORGANIC sugar and I left out the vanilla (i didn’t have any) and they still came out Great!
    They weren’t soft or really hard but they were GREAT! Thanks soooo much for this recipe! I was looking everywhere for a good recipe!

  • Isabella on December 21, 2009

    Great Recipe!! Took me forever to find one like this! They are kind-of addicting!!! :) :)

    I use ORGANIC Sugar for these. Still good, though they weren’t soft or super hard.
    I put little pieces of chocolate on them, WONDERFUL! The chocolate melts on fast and when the cookie cools so does the chocolate. But when you eat them a day or two after and you bite, the chocolate is still soft and hard so you can bite easily!

  • latisha on July 31, 2010

    ilove these cookies there really thick i eat some and stuff the rest in my jeans thank you very much from Latisha

  • jamie on December 13, 2010

    I loved this recipe.. My children both have food allergies and this recipe happens to work great for my family. Thank you for sharing! I used red and green food coloring and just dropped the dough on a greased cookie sheet and baked for 8 minutes, came out perfect.

  • Lisa on April 29, 2011

    i just put some in the oven…. the batter was REALLY wonderful!! I can’t wait until getting those cookies out and eating up!! thank you for this great recipe! from, lisa

  • EM on September 4, 2011

    I honestly have about 6 cookie recipe books, and this is by far the best recipe I’ve come across for simple sugar cookies!! They turned out perfect.. I made them with various sprinkle colors for my friend’s birthday. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • KB on September 4, 2011

    I loved this quick and easy recipe. They turned out so good. One thing I noticed were reviews saying the cookies were too bland. So I added just a touch of cinnamon, and also dipped my fork in cinnamon and sugar mixed. It added just enough to make it even better! Thanks for the great recipe. I can’t wait to make these at Christmas and have fun decorating!

  • Maggi on October 27, 2011

    This was a really fun recipe for me to make with my 5 yr old daughter and 18 mo old son. She helped me with the dough and they both smashed/ shaped and decorated. My dough was VERY oily, not sure if this was my mistake or not but I’ll see as I am making them again today. I added 1t of almond flavor and they were really yummy and moist, too. Highly recommend for those who have little ‘helpers’ in the kitchen.

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