Such a cute little gal outside my kitchen window!

I was able to sneak a few shots of our new little friends a few weeks ago & wanted to share them with you all. They look so cute, and they are right outside the windows! I know, I know, I think they are cute right now – but – come spring & we’ve have to work out some sort of deal concerning the gardens 🙂

You can see the little river behind the deer. This is an area that I want to develop into a woodland garden path this spring. I want to use lots of plants that the deer don’t seem to like 🙂

* This is our first year in our new cottage – so our feelings are still very warm towards these little creatures *Big Smile*

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    1 thought on “Such a cute little gal outside my kitchen window!”

    1. What a prety site to see outside your window!
      Your decorations are also lovely and that was so sweet of your husband to paint your cupboard all pretty for you 🙂
      Hope you had a really nice Christmas and have a most wonderful New Year!


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